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Remington F5790 Pivot & Flex Men’s Rechargeable Cord/Cordless Foil Shaver with LED Power Guage


The name Remington has come from the famous fire-arms manufacturing company E. Remington and Sons. Although this company was founded in the year of 1816, but it started to manufacture the personal-care products from the year of 1937. Among the wide range of personal care products, the electric shavers of Remington mainly drew the attention the customers from all around the world. there are so many different electric shavers present in the market. Choosing the top quality electric shavers in india is really a time consuming task.

Up to the current date, different kinds of electronic shavers have brought in the market by Remington. However, the recent introduction of the Remington F5790 Pivot & Flex Men’s Foil Shaver has mainly attracted the customers in a great way. With the premium class design and stylish look, this electric trimmer has comes with a lot of features and functions for men. The Remington F5790 has mainly come to provide you the close and smooth shave for which you have been waiting so long.

In this review, we will be trying to discuss almost all the sides of the Remington F5790 Pivot & Flex Men’s Foil Shaver so that you can have an overall idea about it.

Manufacturing Country

This shaver is basically produced in the United States of America using all the latest technologies of the shaving industry.

Warranty Details

You will get a limited warranty for a period of 2 years with this amazing electric trimmer.

Amazon Rating Details

Till now, we have found around 385 customer reviews on Amazon. However, the current rating of this electric shaver on Amazon is only 3.30 out of 5.00 which is lower than the other competitive electric trimmers.

Although it is a highly versatile electric razor, but it has not become able to hold a place in the list of the top selling products on Amazon.

Product Specifications

In this part of the review, we will help you to know about the specifications of this shaver. Let’s have look at the specs then:

  • Product Dimensions : 6.60*9.9*5.80 inches
  • Weight of the shaver : Only 1.10 ounces (very light weight)
  • Blade Technology : Floating Heads
  • Type of Blade : Titanium
  • Charging Indicator Type : LED
  • Pivot Technology : Pivoting Head
  • Pop-up Trimmer : Yes
  • Power Source : Battery-Fuel Gauge
  • Quick Charging Option : Yes

Performance In Detailed

After we have described the tech-specs of the Remington F5790 Pivot & Flex Men’s Foil Shaver, now it is the time to give a detailed discussion about the performance and features of this shaver.

The Flex and Pivot Cutting Technology

In order to provide you the close and smooth shaving experience, this shaver has come with the flex and pivot cutting technology. Actually, there are 3 different folis which comes with this cutting system that helps to flex the shaver so smoothly that can adjust any type of surface like your jaw-line, chin and neck.

Irritation free shaving

Everyone wants an electric shaver which can give a close shave without causing any kind of irritation or, pain. For this reason, the manufacturers have heavily concentrated on this section. When you will shave using the Remington F5790 at that time, you will not face any sort of pain or, irritation. This can be regarded as a great feature of this trimmer.

Sleek & Multifunctional Design

This electric razor has been designed to work as a very user friendly shaving kit. The handle is designed in such a way so that you can use it comfortably even when at the time of a quick shave. The main reason behind this is the ergonomic curved shape of the body that helps to fit it in your palm very easily. The shaver head is also designed in such a way so that you can clean it very easily.

Titanium Coated Blades

The blades of this shaver are coated with titanium for ensuring the best kind of shaving experience. At the same time, the sharpness of the blades will last longer than the ordinary blades because of the titanium coating on it. This coating also helps to get a smooth feeling at the time of shaving.

Titanium Coated Foils

The foils of the Remington F5790 are also coated with titanium. For this reason, the foils are very durable and stronger. At the same time, it will also help you to get long lasting performance from this shaver.

Power Details

  • Battery : 1 Lithium Ion Battery
  • Voltage Type : 110-240 V (worldwide voltage)
  • Charging Time : 2 hours
  • Running Time : 60 minutes
  • Quick Charging Time : 5 minutes

Build Quality

On the basis of the quality, the Remington F5790 comes with its own class. Actually, it is a premium class electric shaver with a bulky body. At the same time, the body of this shaver in such a way so that you can hold it comfortably while using it for shaving. Moreover, the materials which are used for the production are of higher quality for providing longevity of the product.


  • A charger
  • Smart plug
  • Smart charging cord
  • User manual
  • Travel pouch


  • The Remington F5790 Pivot and Flex Men’s Rechargeable Foil-Shaver can give the perfect shave for the male skin.
  • The grip is very smooth which will perfectly fit in your palm.
  • The overall body is made to last for a longer period of time.
  • This shaver is very light weight which will help all types of users to get a smooth shaving experience.
  • The on or, off switch button has make this razor even more convenient to the users.


  • Not a good choice for men with sensitive skin type.
  • Creates annoying noise at the time of shaving.

After this review, we can conclude through giving you the suggestion that you should go for the Remington F5790 Men’s Electric shaver, if you want a close and smooth shave. At the same time, the overall performance of this shaver has made this the right choice for the people who believe in class and elegance.

Looking for best electric shavers ?

In any situation, be sure to get an idea of how a shaver manages cleaning before you lock in a purchase. So you can have a look at the best and choose the one which suits your skin type and facial hairs. Failing that, some razors also have the ability to run directly from the cord as well, although this is not all that common. If this is the case for you, then you will require an electric shaver that has dry/wet capabilities. Wet cleaning: Some electric clippers can be run under the tap for an easy way of keeping them clean. Electric shavers should be fast. There are different types of electric shavers for men on the market these days. You should also note that some travel razors have no built-in batteries at all, letting you use off-the-shelf batteries. For those with dry skin, shaving without these will cause further irritation. One way to gauge the speed of a shaver’s performance is to take a look at cuts per minute. However, you want the best men’s electric shaver for your needs. Whether disposable or rechargeable is your choice in that case. Having a dry/wet model allows you to shave using lotion or cream. This can also be accurately measured in revolutions per minute on shaver systems that are rotary blade-based.

Men’s electric shavers vary considerable in terms of performance and price. These can be a good choice when you don’t know if you’ll have access to electricity. Is getting a close shave extremely important to you? In any case, a number of cuts that are performed per minute will really depend on the specifications of the manufacturer. For this reason, we have prepared this best electric shave review and comparison. At least you know you can always buy some standard batteries from a local store. If you want to get a close and clean shave, then a foil shaver model is a better option, since it gives a closer shave than rotary shavers do. As a general rule, you want a shaver that can execute a lot of quick cuts because this will expedite and simplify your grooming process. Additionally, if you shave against the direction of hair growth, you will get better results with a foil shaver. The Different Kinds of Electric Shavers and What to Expect from Each. The next part of this electric shavers buying guide covers the different kinds of electric razors there are, and what each offers. The two major kinds are foil shavers and rotary blade shavers. Let us go ahead and see what these shavers can (and cannot) do.


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