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Pop! Fuquay-Varina Downtown

September-November 2014

  • Tranquility, Shirley Hunsberger at Magnolia House, 218 S Main St.
  • "Taking the Water," Nancy Young at Stars Theater & Art, 123 E Vance St
  • Selfies at the Spring, Helen Seebold & Erin Lawler at Elliott's Pharmacy, 202 S Main St. Anyone can take their picture at the share online by tagging the photo #selfiesatthespring or @selfiesatthespring
  • The Beginning, John Suteu at 124 S Main St.
  • A Look Into the Well, Pinkie Strother at Jazzercise, 134 S Main St.
  • Fountainhead, JR Butler located at 101 N Main St
  • Fuquay Spring Showers, Roger Person at 110 N Main St
  • PositiviTree, Fuquay-Varina High School Emerging Artists at Diane Kristan Salon, 508 Broad St. Artists: Aliyah Alexander, Alyssa Hartzheim, Jasmine Hicks, Victoria Horton, Rosalia Jimenez, Dallie Kandil, and Danielle Dolphin with group leaders Megan Singleton and Taylor Forzaglia and teacher Blair Hale.
  • Healing the Waters, Lee Moore Crawford with Renee Leverty and Kelly Knapp at Family Optical, 504 Broad Street
  • Water: Healing, Nurturing, Transforming , Artistic Expressions located at Edward Jones, 502 E Broad St Visit Artistic Expressions at 118 Raleigh St in Fuquay-Varina to learn more about each artist: Ann Marie Amico, Barbara Damiano, John McCorsley, Frank Savarese, Carol Hunter, Jeff & Lisa Ross.


Ten storefront window installations by artists from around the Triangle!

With the Fuquay Mineral Springs as inspiration, North Carolina artists have created new work for the first Pop! Fuquay-Varina Downtown art series, filling empty and idle storefront windows with site-specific art.
Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 6.40.51 PMThe springs were discovered around 1858 when Stephen Fuquay was plowing his fields in what is now downtown Fuquay. The mineral spring soon became a focal point for the town. Today a picturesque park surrounds the spring and nearby you can see several historic buildings. Now offices and housing, these were originally built as accommodations for people who came to “take the waters” for health benefits.
Learn more about our artists below and tour their storefront window art using the map (click here for an interactive version).

Artistic Expressions at Edward Jones, 502 E Broad St
Seven artists from the Fuquay gallery are collaborating on Water: Healing, Nurturing, Transforming, which incorporates photography, ceramics, stained glass and mixed media elements. Ann Marie Amico and Barbara Damiano designed the installation incorporating photography from John McCorsley and Frank Savarese; stained glass by Carol Hunter, and a ceramic vase by Jeff & Lisa Ross. Amico and Damiano also added mixed media elements, connecting the individual artworks into dynamic whole that creatively captures the flow of water. Visit Artistic Expressions (118 Raleigh St in Fuquay-Varina) to see more work by these artists.


JR Butler at 101 N Main St Awarded 1st Place by our jurors!
JR Butler created Fountainhead for the windows of this former mattress store. Using layers of packing tape, the larger-than-life raindrops are frozen in mid-air creating a whimsical storefront for passers-by to enjoy. JR Butler is a Siler City-based artist who works across a variety of mediums. He is a member of Siler City’s NC Arts Incubator and a Wingnut artist, a Siler City art collective.

Roger Person at 110 N Main St
Roger Person’s installation Fuquay Spring Showers is witty take on the storefront art installation. Featuring a mass of swimming orange fish umbrellas, the window will come alive at night with a simulated rainstorm. Balancing on the edge of absurdity, Roger’s work often features manufactured objects and plenty of humor. You can visit him at Person to Person Art, 210 Chatham Avenue in downtown Siler City and he is also a founding member of the Wingnuts art collective.

Lee Moore Crawford with Renee Leverty & Kelly Knapp at Family Optical, 504 Broad Street
Lee Crawford’s Healing the Waters is an experimentation about our abilities to heal and change our waterways through positive thought. Lee says, “In the early days of Fuquay Varina, the spring water healed people.  Now in this day it will take people to heal the water through education and conservation.” Based on the ideas of Dr. Matsuro Emoto who has studied the effects of positive thoughts and meditation on water’s  microscopic crystalline form. Through a series of drawings, plant life, and interactive elements, the window will inspire a closeness to nature and reverence for water.

John Suteu at 124 S Main St.
A skilled woodworker and artist, John Suteu is recreating a miniature scene from the spring as it stood in the early days of Stephen Fuquay. The Beginning is based on historic photographs from the State Archives of North Carolina and the Fuquay-Varina Centennial Museum and will incorporate reclaimed materials from a 100 year old Wake County home.

Helen Seebold & Erin Lawler at Elliott’s Pharmacy, 202 S Main St.Awarded 3rd Place by our jurors!
Selfies at the Spring is a fun, community photo album. Visit the spring, take a Selfie, and tweet it to #Selfiesatthespring or share it on the Facebook page: Selfies at the Spring. The artists will also print and display the shared photos in the windows of Elliott’s Pharmacy. Helen Seebold and Erin Lawler frequently collaborate on participatory community projects. In 2013 they launched the ongoing Message in a Bottle series, which has been displayed in Durham, Chapel Hill and Cary.

Shirley Hunsberger at Magnolia House, 218 S Main St. Awarded 2nd Place by our jurors!
Using mixed media elements, Shirley Hunsberger extends the flowing water and sun-dappled shadows of her painting Tranquility to fill the window. Hunsberger is a self-taught painter, as well as the owner and framer at Magnolia House. She is involved with the Fuquay-Varina Arts Council and she was a winning artist in Fuquay-Varina’s 2012 En Plein Air paint-off.

Pinkie Strother at Jazzercise, 134 S Main St.
Pinkie Strother created A Look Into the Well for the windows of the Jazzercise center. At the top a face peers down into the waters filled with fish and wildlife. Viewers can feel the coolness of the waters as they shimmer in the window. Pinkie Strother previously taught art in Maryland and has created elaborate diorama’s of her community from the 1950s and 1960s, which have been exhibited at the NC Museum of History.

Fuquay-Varina High School Emerging Artists with teacher Blair Hale at Diane Kristan Salon, 508 Broad St. (coming soon)
Inspired by the tree filled park surrounding the spring, emerging artists at Fuquay-Varina High School are creating an elaborate installation of water flowing into the tree of life. The piece includes messages from the students to serve as reminders that we can heal ourselves through positivity and emphasizes the possibilities ahead for these young artists

Nancy Young at Stars Theater & Art, 123 E Vance St
Fuquay-Varina based author and poet Nancy Young wrote the poem “Taking the Waters.” Inspired by the power of water to transform, Young’s words will be displayed on a downtown window. Young can often be found at the Third Thursday Open Mic at Stars Theater. Her poetry book The Last Girl Standing was published by Finishing Line Press in 2013 and a novel, Seeing Things, will be published in September by World Castle.

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