The Hula Hoop – What are its Benefits

Hula hoops have been around since the 1950’s and are now a part of American culture. I had one as a child and young or old, there’s no doubt that hula hoops bring out the kid in you and get you moving. However, at the grand old age of 50, hula hoops are making a spectacular comeback as a cheap, pollution-free and injury-free exercise in the fight against Obesity. So, let’s take a look at one of the most successful toy phenomena that the world has ever seen – and now, possibly, a life-saver, the hula hoop.

The Health Benefits of Hula Hooping

And so to the modern day, where weighted hula hoops are no longer a fad but are becoming part of the fight against Obesity. These hoops are ideally about 2 – 3 lbs in weight (heavier than that can cause bruising, especially when you first start) and with application, regular Hula Hooping workouts will provide you with:

  • a good – though not heavy – cardiovascular workout
  • a strengthening of the torso muscles and in the process, the removal of abdominal fat
  • an Increase in the fitness level of the entire body
  • an enhancing of the spinal and hip flexibility
  • a massage of the intestines and internal organs – resulting in improved health in all areas of the body
  • a probable Improvement in coordination and possibly the introduction of graceful movements to your everyday life
  • an Increase in the flow of blood to the brain &
  • a short – some may say – even, meditative break

What Size Hula Hoop Do I Need?

Hula hoop 2018
Determining the correct size of your Hula Hoop is very important! If you are a beginner, please don’t start with a child-sized hoop. Most hula hoops that you can buy at big chain stores are designed for kids. Unless you’re actually the size a child, a child-sized hoop is just not going to work for you – especially if you’re a beginner! You’ll save yourself a lot of frustration if you purchase a hoop that’s adult-sized and right for your particular shape.

So, what is the right size?
Well, stand with your hoop in front of you, resting it upwards on the ground. The general rule of thumb is that your Hula Hoop should be somewhere between your stomach and chest height, although you may have to make some compensation for your waist size, too, because the rounder you are, the bigger your hoop should be.

Larger hoops will rotate more slowly, which will making getting started easier. However, smaller hoops – which need to rotate more quickly – are more challenging but better for doing tricks and exercising.

What is Astra hula hoops

Astral Hoops are high quality, hand crafted, fully customized LED hoops, built to fit the exact needs of the hooper. The materials used are top of the line, which show through the superior glow of the color. The LEDs shine brighter and longer. The patterns are programmed to flow with the hoop movement. Every single detail of this hoop can be modified right during ordering through the website. (which is incredibly easy to use)

The tubing they used is high quality HDPE or PP in various sizes. I have picked up some led hoops that sacrifice weight or sturdiness for pretty colors, with an Astral Hoops, you are getting top of the line hoop tube. It like hooping with your regular hoop-except it lights up!

In addition some recent upgrades have been made to the sturdiness and design. Astral hoops has added a layer of clear padding to prevent movement of the LED strip making it more resistant to tosses and hard drops. This keeps the battery and the processor board from moving as well and the hula hoops are much more resistant to prolonged hard hooping.

I recently ordered my newest hula hoops from Astral Hoops and I have to say I am seriously impressed. I received my new Atomic Pro, and it is beautiful and super improved on the durability! They added some kind of soft padding around the LED strips that prevents rattling and impact abuse on the hoop. But don’t worry it does not cut down on the color at all. It is clear. I am also hoping that it protects from dust, but I have not confirmed that idea yet.

Astral Hoops has definitely improved on the design and stepped up the quality on the latest hoops they are producing. I also ordered a Custom Aura LED Hula Hoop which I will refer to as the Ninja Turtle Hoop – Donatello Version. Its has super half watt white LEDs in a Shinto triangular form, mixed with other whites, purples, and greens flashing and strobing. I love this hoop. It seriously outshines all the other LED hoops out there. Its not overly flashy or too bright, is illuminates perfectly and lights up the night. Look for these hoops at Astral Hoops Soon!.


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